Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment 'Improper Copper'

I have a love-hate relationship with pigments.

I love their punchiness and epic pigmentation, but I hate how fucking hard they are to blend and use in general. So beautiful, but so tricky.

Despite my complicated feelings, I ended up picking up a Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment. Partly because I fell for the shade Improper Copper and partly because I had recently watched a GRWM by my beloved Vivianna Does Makeup who used a pigment and looked amazing.

I usually shy away from copper-toned things as they tend to make me look ill, but this, this is no copper. Improper Copper is more of a brown-bronze-rust with a hint of coppery shimmer. It. Is. Amazing.

Pigmentation is superb (no surprises there!) and staying-power is perfection. That being said, I always use a Maybelline Color Tattoo as a base. I actually paired it with Pomegranate Punk the other day and...YAAAAAAAS! It was a good time.

If you're down for some pigment action, I definitely recommend Improper Copper (there are a few other shades - a coupla brights, a nude and a slightly uninspiring bronze). Oh, and they're $11.95. Yay for affordable shit!

Have you bought a Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment? Are you planning to? Discuss!



  1. I <3 Improper Copper, i wear it by itself i love it so much.

    If you have serious spending money the Chanel versions of the same thing are THE BOMB! They are amazing, go on like a cream, set like a powder (i use my finger to shmeer them on my face) and the staying power is amazing - my eyes just eat eyeshadow, but the Chanel ones stay on all day (and will still be there the next morning, shhh). At $50AUS a pot they are NOT cheep, but my every day work eyeshadow (which yes, i do wear every single day to work) had lasted me over 18 months of 5 day a week wear and still has heaps in it so that $50 is worth it! I have a bunch of the colours because they are much cheaper if you buy them dutyfree when overseas :)'OMBRE-125290?sku=125293

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! $50 isn't cheap, but it sounds like it's worth every cent. Especially since it lasts for so long. Thank you! :) xx

  2. This shade looks super pretty and I am obsessed with VDM ..

    1. It looks even better in real life! My photos are crappy. ;)

      Me tooooo! How awesome is she?! haha xx


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