Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Australis Neon Crush Blush 'LYLAS'

Something else to show you from the new Australis Neon Crush collection. A blush! Because who can resist a pretty, little pan of coloured goodness? Welcome to the collection, LYLAS aka Love Ya Like A Sister.

As soon as I opened LYLAS, I was hooked. A soft, shimmery peach-coral paired with a deep, matte berry? Yes, plz. The swatch pretty much sealed the deal.

Both colours are lovely on their own, but swirled together, they offer a really pretty flush. Soft, yet bold, with a hint of shimmer. Right up my alley!

The first time I used it...well, it wasn't pretty. I went a little too hard with the amount of product on my brush and ended up looking like a clown. It was pretty horrific. NOTE TO SELF: Use a light hand with this pigmented sucker.

So. Very. Pretty. And quite flattering on the mug. Cheers for another great blush, Australis!

Tell me what you think! xxx


  1. The neon packaging totally scared me off instore but this is something I'll now consider :) gorgeous colours!!

    1. haha I feel you! I didn't think this collection would be up my alley, but I was pleasantly surprised.

      Thanks for reading! xxx


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